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Welcome to fanciful!

Thanks so much for taking the time to review my website and visit my blog. Since you'll be sharing a part of your journey with me, I think it's only fair that I share parts of my journey with you.

So far, this has been incredible. I'm super excited, nervous, and giddy to be at this place in my life and can't wait to start designing weddings on my own. This dream has been years in the making so it's pretty surreal that it is really, truly happening!

Throughout my blog, I'll be sharing stories from my experiences as well as personal tidbits from my life. I will also be posting vendor (and venue) spotlights, sharing behind the scenes info that makes each of these vendors so great. I'll also post some other fun wedding topics and DIY creations to try on your own. Keep checking back to see what is new!

I'm so happy to start this journey and can't wait to be a part of many wonderful weddings, celebrations, and special memories.

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