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Bouquets for Birthdays

Who says bouquets are only for weddings??! Bridal style bouquets can easily be designed as handhelds and used for everyday occasions, from birthdays to thank you's, or a simple “thinking of you” sentiment. Flowers are known to brighten anyone's day, no matter the design or style, but there’s an added beauty when what’s in the vase could easily match what is held when walking down the aisle. This bouquet was designed for a special coworker of mine as a lovely birthday sentiment, and it is safe to say she was pleasantly surprised! Don’t get me wrong, I would take a stunning vase arrangement every day of the week, but receiving a handheld bouquet always makes you feel extra special. They're super easy to care for, too, as you can easily remove the bouquet for a quick water change, or even a stem trim. Take a peek below at some process photos as well as glimpses of the finished product. Merci! 

Processing the flowers is always an essential step in any arrangement, but it is especially important when constructing a handheld bouquet as it allows the flowers to naturally come together, without unwanted bulk or breakage. 

Processed roses ready to be placed! 

In this photo you can see the wrap style around the stems. Typically a bridal bouquet will have more secure wrapping, along with gorgeous lace or ribbon, but simple floral tape is all you need to secure the flowers for a vase handheld.  

The finished product 

And some simple boutonnieres, just for fun!

I hope you love these romantic hues just as much as I did. 😍  See you next time! Thanks for visiting!

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