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Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the details. I was the one who always had

a bow in my hair, which matched the ribbon on my socks, which needed to match the color of my shirt,

and reflect my personality for the day (really!). While I no longer need to coordinate quite that much, I still love creativity and design. Fanciful Floral & Weddings has been a dream of mine for

many years, and having the ability to work within my passion is truly so amazing to me.

Designing flowers, coordinating themes and colors, and creating décor are what I enjoy most. Pair that with the awesome semblance of a wedding – it just doesn't get any better than that!


Weddings to me are such a beautiful example of what life is really about – love, laughter,

happiness, commitment, and trust. These things should absolutely be celebrated, and I’m here to help you

do that. While it is my job to make sure everything is just right, it’s very important to me that you feel ownership of the process and the freedom to take the reins where you want. This is truly your day. I am just here to help make it the most perfect it can be. I will always listen and aim to really get to know who you are individually as well as your story as a couple, so all of those details are reflected in your wedding. I want to be a partner

to you throughout the whole process, helping you enjoy every moment. I never want you to worry

about what kind of service you will receive from me! My goal is that you will be absolutely enamored

by every aspect of your wedding day.


I would love to hear from you with any questions! I’m very approachable and always happy to

be of service to you. If I’m not busy working on a wedding, you can find me in the mountains – exploring

nature while adventuring with my hubby, resting in a hammock, or sitting by the river with a journal and pen (or, if I’m on vacation, you can bet I’ll be sitting on a beach!). While you’ll always see me as professional

and attentive, at heart I’m the girl that is just happy to be me, lucky to have married my best friend,

and blessed to be living my dream.


I’m so happy you took the time to get to know a little about me. Now... I would love to

learn a little more about you!


...isn’t that fancy?

~ caley ~

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